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Xsys is a leading mobile apps development company in india. Xsys has been developing competitive apps and enabling them to reach out to their customers in a better way. We at xsys believe in buidling strong ties with our clients that helps builds trust in the organization giving way to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our mobile application development team are focused on creativity and innovation along with technical competency to deliver high quality, effective, efficient and user-friendly applications that meet our clients expectations. Our resources have extensive experience in developing applications for Apple iOS and android platform.

We work together to bring out the best in apps development. Whether the application is on Facebook, mobile or website, our team of experts work together informing and updating the client at each step to help realize the client’s app idea. Our solutions help our clients to reach out to their customers in a more convenient way.

Android apps

Did you know there are around 17 million Android apps being downloaded every day? Is yours one of them?

According to industry standards by end of 2013, 500 million Android devices will be activated and will keep increasing by 1 million every day.

Android platform was made available for app development. In a short span of time this powerful and variable Operating system (OS) has gained a lot of attention from various development companies and application developers. Xsys is well equipped with the expertise to deliver the most striking and innovative Android applications. With an incredible capacity to churn-out on demand Android applications together with a team of highly knowledgeable Android application developers and designers Xsys can be termed as one of the most established Android application development companies.

iOS apps

Do you know Apple’s iOS 7 reaches 87% adoption  with over 60 billion apps downloaded from their iOS App Store?

iOS Application Development has the potential to give businesses the edge via enhanced adaptability and  greater access to their target market .

With a beautiful all-new design and powerful all-new features, iOS 7 is the most significant update since the original iPhone it offers more advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver a great user experience .

Our team of iPhone application developers is very knowledgeable about the work they do and experts in striking the right balance with the needs of the clients. Xsys takes pride in being the ones to create a link between the client idea, user experiences, and the rules set out by the platform. We make sure that the application maintains its full potential so as to satisfy the client by overcoming technical challenges.

Windows 8 apps

Windows application development may seem stagnant but there are a huge number of Windows mobile users already and the number is rising.

During the coming years Windows mobile app development is going to be one of the major players on the application development market, get the first mover advantage and get a Windows application developed for your business now!

With windows 8 platform Microsoft has ensured a same user experience in desktop and mobiles and also has brought  tight integrations with many enterprise software.  This makes windows mobile an easy fit in current enterprise software world and has definitely  helped to gain some mileage in mobility world.Xsys windows mobile application development team will ensure a seamless integration with enterprise world and extract the complete usability Microsoft offers to your apps.