We provide Everything you need to run an online store

For ecommerce potential to be harnessed effectively, you need to execute an array of services – Store Design, Merchandising, Catalogue, Marketing, Logistics and Consumer experience in a right way. Our ecommerce services will enable you setup and run a successful ecommerce business conveniently and reliably. We bring deep domain expertise and passion to ensure that our customers get all ecommerce elements spot on.

We believe in creating engaging e-commerce web designs. Every ecommerce project goes through 3 phases – ecommerce strategy and research based on the client’s business and needs, ecommerce creative design and implementation and ecommerce marketing consulting.

xSys websites are

Fast and secure

Shoppers never like to wait in queue, they would never have to. Amazing performance, delivered.

Loved by Google

It would always be easy for shoppers to find your website. More visibility, the organic way.

Beautifully designed

stunning look and feel with rich images and videos to give a wow experience of products.


Visitors would never want to leave your site without shopping. Its interesting and unique

Scalable and always Up

With unlimited bandwidth and guaranteed up time, your site will be prepared if traffic increases.

Hd responsive

Optimized for all devices that provides better viewing experience and navigation.



State of the art design.

What You See Is What You Get, Our UI designers work with utmost precision to provide you a creative that is visually attractive and appealing. We believe that the first step to have a successful online business is to capture the attention of the user within the first few seconds and a great design goes a long way in achieving that goal.


Built in marketing and management tools

A beautiful store has no value if you are not able to sell. Our marketing tools help you manage marketing aspect quite well by letting you promote the store through Coupons, E-mailers and built in SEO optimization.Our easy and comprehensive management tools help you efficiently manage the store and let’s you focus more on your business.


Integrated with social media and apps.

All websites include social network integration, allowing your customers to spread the word and share the great products they find on your online store.Integration has always been powerful and with mobile and social platforms, where possibilities are endless.
There’s is almost no limit, what apps can provide to increase sales, process orders, communicate
with your customers, and grow your business.


Acquisition and conversion

Built in powerful SEO features gives an edge in the search engine visibility and social media to promote your brand and products. Our embedded management tools creates urgency and excitement through flash sales and Offer coupons and rewards to drive conversions.


Merchandising management

Our systems lets you manage a centralized digital product catalog including pricing, inventory, variants, content, images, multimedia, product recommendations and bundling to increase margins and revenues in few clicks.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports from management information system based on the requirements to empower your team management. it provides insights into business with reports to take immediate actions and with Google analytics integration it helps in analyzing website traffic.

Impressive frontend

Design that catches eyeball

Cutting edge creative  and well crafted design to grab the attention of user. Our stylishly professional creative team is Specialized in E-commerce store designs . Here at xsys We believe that the first step to have a successful online business is to capture the attention of the user within the first few seconds and a great design goes a long way in achieving that goal.

Showcase products with ZOOM.

Show your users the high-resolution image variations of your products without having leaving the product page. An innovative technique that shows the users a detailed Zoom view when they move their mouse over the product image will surely bring conversion in buying the product.

Product attributes and options

Need to manage various attributes and options for a product, our system makes it easy for you to do that by creating new attributes like color, sizes and other such items and link them with your products. To make visitors see a very user friendly display of various product options making it easy for their buying decision.

Product comparison

Visitors like multiple products offering similar features while purchasing online. our product comparison tool make their buying decision easy by letting them compare the products in a tabular view using our product comparison tool.

Quick cart

A quick kart view lets the shopper review the items in the cart without leaving the page. The cart panel slides down on mouse hover which  gives a mini view of what shopper has added in the cart.

One page check out

Visitors dont like to toggle between windows in real life, one page checkout solves that problem online. All the information is taken in one step when the buyer decides to check out which leads to fast check out that saves time and increases the chances of sale.

Various product images

With various images for product in store, visitors can get the satisfaction when they seek images of products to indulge. it helps in increasing conversion and sales and retention of customers.

Product filter

Online stores have thousands of products available making it difficult for the visitors to find the product. With multiple filters in our system, shopper can scroll down to the product very quickly .

Acquisition with promotion tools

Post daily deals and flash sales.

Our system let’s you mark a product as a daily deal and creates a nice looking splash page for it the ticking time creates the  urgency for the visitors who are willing to sit on the fence. Push them to buy using time bound deals and flash sales. To top it, with just a few clicks you can serve it up on your social channels as well .

offer coupons and rewards

Our marketing tools help you manage marketing aspect quite well by letting you promote the store through Coupons, E mailers.The coupning system allows you to create attractive coupons for registration or first time subscription to achieve the same. These campaigns can be pushed to the visitors by using special pop-ups and banners.

Customer reviews for evaluating products

Get the customer reviews with our customer experience management tool , Visitors want to be sure about the product quality before they buy it. Real customer reviews help the decision making very easy for buying.

Newsletter subscription

There is always high percentage of traffic which will not transact in the first visit. So offer your visitors an option to subscribe to your newsletter or to fill in a query form , reach out to your customers by creating compelling newsletters and send them from your database, Our lead management tools help you build, segment, manage, send promotions to your visitors to increase conversion.

Powerfull management tools

No more out of stock

Be in control of your inventory. Always stay aware about the products low on quantity by Integrating store with business processes and systems such as accounting, inventory management, ERP systems and POS software which increase sales, improve customer service and optimize inventory.

Manage order delivery, shipping and tax.

Quickly view and process orders, define multiple stages an order would pass through, it lets you aware of what has shipped and what has not. Multiple tools to manage your shipping costs and tax rules to satisfy complex business scenarios.

Integrated third party apps.

Seamless integrated with popular third party software to get an edge in online store expansion and growth. Connect and sync data from the systems already owned, push out or pull in item, order, inventory and customer information between any number of channel systems.

Returns and refund

Faster processing of returns and refunds  is extremely crucial to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction . our tools will automatically update your inventory as soon as the order status is set to return from your end and disable purchasing when products are out of stock.

Social media integration and facebook store

facebook store

Use Facebook commerce to your advantage, offer selected products to display on your facebook store where it gets more visibility, Share your latest announcements, daily deals and promtions right from the admin panel.

Showcase your products by adding videos from youtube by adding the URL and the video will be available on your product page, all the products have the ability for users to like, share, tweet or email the products they like. it leads to huge visibility boost when your customers share what they like on their social networks.

Integrated with